We offer affordable counseling and psychotherapy referrals to qualified Gestalt therapists who are in enrolled in our training program, as well as to Gestalt Center graduates and faculty. ​

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THE GESTALT CENTER has been training therapists in the Gestalt method of psychotherapy for over 40 years.  Our programs are described below.
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Like millions of people across the country, we at the Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training, are horrified and outraged by the recent murders of Black people: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade by police; Ahmaud Arbery by two White men, and too many others.  This tragic loss of lives affects us all and we will not ignore these brutal events.

We are equally angered by the lack of appropriate charges against the perpetrators, and the inadequate protection of peaceful protestors, often violently treated by the police.

The pervasive culture that allows Black Americans to suffer from discrimination by law enforcement must end.  A fundamental shift in police culture must occur.

Meanwhile, our hearts are heavy as we mourn with the victims’ family and friends.

We are committed to working with our community members to do everything we can to call out hate, combat the virus of institutional racism and stand with those directly impacted by oppressive systems.

At the Gestalt Center, we intend to reflect our concern for social injustice.  Through our training programs and treatment center, we aim to promote diversity and inclusion at all levels, and hold this vision in our strategic planning.  We are also engaged in an honest examination of any biases and prejudices that may live in ourselves as well as in our white dominant structure, so we can further a process of culture change that will create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.

We invite anyone in distress over these senseless acts to use the support of one of our therapists.  You can contact us on 212-387-9429 or at  Please note that our treatment center is offering very low fees at this time.


WELCOME TO THE GESTALT CENTER FOR PSYCHOTHERAPY AND TRAINING, located at 37 East 28th Street, in the Rose Hill section of midtown Manhattan.  We offer training programs (post-graduate and licensed psychoanalytic), workshops, continuing education for mental health professionals, and weekend intensives for mental health professionals, as well as therapy referrals to Gestalt therapists.

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